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Optimizer Plus (20 lbs.) by BioGuard

Quick Overview:

A valuable addition to any of the BioGuard pool care systems. Works in chlorinated, brominated, or biguanide treated pools to suppress algae growth. It enhances water quality by making water feel softer. This product also reduces the likelihood of cloudiness, algae growth, and other problems.
Price :

Details recommends a level of at least 35 ppm for all pool sanitizer types.

We do find that higher levels of Optimizer Plus in Biguanide pools (Softswim or Baquacil) will increase the effectiveness of the product. 

Adding 2 lbs. of Optimizer Plus for every 1,000 gallons of water will give the pool an initial level of 35 ppm. also recommends adding 1 lb. of Lo 'N Slo by BioGuard for every 2 lbs. of Optimizer Plus to help adjust the pH.

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